Little Brother is Watching

wall art“Now don’t squeeeeeze the juice box,” said Buddy patiently to our youngest, Pinball, as the littlest one sized the entertainment potential in the small pouch.
Wise advice my older son gave in his role as big brother last Saturday afternoon. But, the little guy is a very curious explorer for a toddler, and just likes to see what happens. I had already watched him that morning gently crack a hardboiled egg on his first try (barely reaching the counter), trying to get the whole of it out like an adult would. Then he put it down and refused to eat it. He loves them, but it did not suit his purpose at the time, I guess.
He must have figured to compete for a little attention, though at his age he certainly requires enough of it. Not that it should have bothered him that much, but last week definitely got away from us.
Dolly and Buddy, the two older kids, went to sports camps all week. Our morning routine became more focused, and a lot more active, than it usually is during the summer. Packing lunches, scrambling for uniform parts, and applying industrial amounts of sunblock took most of it, so Pinball had to wake a little earlier and didn’t get his usual laps around the house.
He wasn’t the only one thrown off by the stark, if temporary, change. I shifted my working hours, and my ever-patient wife rearranged all of her days to work everything in. Not that lots of other people don’t have to do such things regularly (particularly with kids in sports) but the contrast with the summer lull we were apparently in was interesting.
So by Friday, we were all ready for the week to be over. Over a couple of orders of Sweet and Sour Chicken in our favorite Chinese restaurant that night, I reflected that the hassle was worth it. The kids were wiped out, but from effort at something they each enjoyed very much. New friendships were struck, awards won, and experiences gained that one can only appreciate by earning them.
Pinball was not so impressed. After being foiled by his older brother on Saturday, he indulged in an opportunity to express himself with dirty hands and graphite. On one of our kitchen walls. I would rather he had just squeezed the juice box.


One response to “Little Brother is Watching

  1. You always make me feel like I’m standing in the room watching all of this go on! Love this!

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