Scone-cold miss

Jake, here’s the recipe I want to triple, emailed my mother to me a couple of months back. She was still recovering from surgery and recruited me to help her make a batch of scones for the people in her office. Of course, there were changes from the recipe she started with (I’m not sure she’s ever followed a recipe exactly), so I had to pay attention in order to pick up the right ingredients.
I was glad I did. Not that I ever really them much, but they went pretty quickly. Great with lots of butter. We had serious disagreements on whether raisins should be involved, though (I’m pro-raisin; everyone else in the house, not so much). In any case, they came out well:


I remembered these after reading a tweet from Corby Kummer, a senior editor of The Atlantic, about today being National Scone Day. Had no idea there was such a thing, but his article on his experience in an Irish baking seminar a few years ago is worth the read. I now know more about these than I ever had before, and will be better prepared next year.
So, Happy National Scone Day!


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