Angry and Tired

“I think that I like Angry and Tired,” considered my second child, once asked which of the Seven Dwarves is his favorite.
I laughed about this recently, because angry and tired described how I felt after another too-long day. But there was still the need to concoct another last-minute, un-terrible dinner plan. The end of the work day hardly means the end of work for the day, and I’m used to it, but figuring out a decent meal can be the last thing I want to deal with.
This is chiefly how we fall into one of the many convenience traps. We’ve used, for example, nearly all of the nearby pizza places (kids arguing about whose pie to get is a sign of pizza-overload, but, some of these places are pretty good). I have more than one smartphone app for ordering out. The freezer picks for us more often than I’m comfortable admitting.
Little things, but add them all up, and it’s Saturday-morning blocks of cooking shows accompanied by big sides of guilt.
While I’m probably bothered more than necessary, it doesn’t help that my occasional informal polls always get me the same answer in stereo: “Pizzaaaa!!”
These episodes set not only bad examples, but are wasted opportunities. To keep away my burgeoning parental issues I need to brainstorm an easy and clever plan, construct some awesome time-saving innovation, devise a solution so clever and brain-bendingly obvious that the most enthusiastic life coach would pop out for a cigarette and some soul searching.
Or, I could stop being so lazy and spend a few minutes researching a better way. I’ll probably find that someone has already figured it out.
For example, quick searches for “meal planning” in a couple of places got me tons of helpful apps, relevant podcasts, and sites such as and
Some of my favorite sites even have sections with specific ideas, like this one at, or this one at
So solutions and help are out there, we just have to use them. A little time spent sketching weekly plans will pay the dividends of better menus and more efficient shopping trips. I’ll try out a few ways and see what I come up with. In any case, it’ll beat making things up as we go.
And maybe that will keep the angry and tired traps to a minimum.


One response to “Angry and Tired

  1. It’s tough being a parent these days…you’re right, it never seems to stop! A long, hard day seems to run through until about 9:00 pm now! So, a little planning, pre-cooking, recipe help and advice from someone who’s been there done that (maybe a doting grandmother?) would give some relief! Take advantage of all the avenues available!

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