Starting Cut the Crusts Off

My oldest child, a daughter who’s soon to be nine years old, suddenly wants to help with cooking. She’s often interested in what goes on in our kitchen, and has helped with simple things. But something tells me that she’s ready for more. Good timing, since our third child is approaching his first birthday with all the speed his unsteady little legs can toddle him along with. We can use the extra hands.
I felt an uneasy reassurance thinking about this today, as I watched her make her lunch. “I can do it, Daddy,” she sighed at the toaster, as she popped in the 7-grain bread for the perfectly normal sandwich she was busy assembling. I realized that had not even told her what to make. As the toasted bread ejected, I got a wide, hopeful grin. “See?!”
It’s inevitable, I suppose. She is really careful, and asks a lot of questions. She also probably harbors some kind of annoyance that her seven-year-old brother already invented himself a beauty—pickle slices and American cheese on a hot-dog roll.
I, on the other hand, attribute my apprehension to the fact that the kids are all growing faster than my wife and I are comfortable with.
It’s probably for the best. I believe that if we’re all involved in planning and making meals, we’re all more likely to enjoy them. Trying new things may teach us better choices. And as a busy and growing family, we too often fall into the traps that lead to lazy habits.
So, my hope is that by recording our experiences we learn something about ourselves, and help each other.


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